Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer

I'm Abby

But it's not about me...

It's about you.

These are your moments, your memories.  

Great photos are those that incite deep emotion.  They make you smile, laugh or cry.  They spark anger or frustration, empathy or awe.  Images where everyone looks at the camera and smiles have a place, but the ones that don't are much more poignant and memorable.  They can capture a instant of true interaction of you and your family, a small snapshot of your life in one frame.  

Let me help capture that moment.  


If you must know.....

I am a wife and a mom * My husband amazes me * I take TONS of selfies with my boys * My favorite color is purple * I believe the best photos incite deep emotions every time you see them, and they should be hung all over your home.  

Photography is my passion, let me share it with you. 

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