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365 PROJECT 2017 | WEEK 15

09 April - 15 April

This was a rough week.  Bear hurt his leg on Saturday, and woke up with a nasty stomach bug the next morning.  The following days involved camping out on the floor (on towels) and trying to contain the mess and still avoid getting his new split wet.  Me and my husband tag teamed staying home with the poor little guy almost all week and trying to make sure he was reasonably comfortable.  By around Thursday he started to perk up a little bit and get his usual energy back.  


09 April 2017 | Little guy with his injured leg.  


10 April 2017 | Cheerios, legos, and playing with daddy's phone.  Seems about right.


11 April 2017 | Kid and his new cast. 

11 April 2017 | {Bonus} - Baby learning to stand while big brother is re-learning to crawl.


12 April 2017 | Snuggles with daddy.  Learning about woodworking.


13 April 2017 | Someone likes his new bunny from daycare.


14 April 2017 | Hanging out with grandpa


15 April 2017 | 

15 April 2017 | ICE CREAM!


15 April 2017 | Building legos with daddy.