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Hey There, Mama

Hey There, Mama

I see you. 

You've had sleepless nights and many tears.  Some of which you share, and some that you keep to yourself. 

....and it's all worth it for just a few moments of joy with those littles you love so much. 

Milwaukee, Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer

When you hug them, they melt, and the rest of the world disappears, just for a moment.

You want them to stop growing, but they refuse.  That one thing you find so adorable one week is gone the next.  They become more independent and think they need you less.  They'll learn different, eventually. 

In the meantime, you watch, glowing with pride, and wait. 

Milwaukee, Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer


We all know these moments are precious, and we all record them constantly, but as moms, we are more often than not the one behind the lens.  We're there, you just can't see us. 

Sometimes it's because we just don't think about it. 

Sometimes it's on purpose.   We all have our reasons.  

What you forget when you make excuses, is that you are amazing.  

Not only do you carry these beautiful children and bring them into this world, but you bring them up.  You teach them how to smile, and walk and talk.  You teach them how to handle their ever changing emotions, pick them up when they fall, and your kisses have magical healing powers. 

This is an opportunity to capture that strength and love.  To see the magic.  


Milwaukee, Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer

The Why:

It's not just about the photos.  It's about the moments.  It's about the memories.  Do this because you're their mama, (or mommy, ma, mother or mom).  Because they'll cherish these when they're older, and you'll love them from the start.  Do it for the memories.  For the snuggles.  For the time.  You won't get these moments back.  

Take this as an opportunity to put away the phone and other distractions, and just spend time together.  You can all but forget I'm there.  Just know I'll take care of the rest.  

I want to do this because you inspire me.  Every last one of you.  I want you to feel as amazing as you are.  Because I treasure the images I have with my boys, and I want to share that with you.  

NOTE:  This specific offer has expired, but the sentiment remains. 




Milwaukee, Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer